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The Cyprus Question: Turkey

CQ: Turkey

About this Committee

The Turkic people have had a long and storied history, once leading an empire that stretched from the heart of Europe, through much of the Islamic world. It was they who finally felled the Romans, and they who had been so mighty and powerful that their name was known and feared all over the civilized world. But that was hundreds of years ago by now, and as the 37th Cabinet of Turkey forms following this years election, the wonder and power is lost. No longer are we the power we once were, no longer do others fear our armies. Our people, spread out across the former lands of the empire, have their rights trampled, and are killed in the streets and in their homes, their faith desecrated, and villages burned. It is all too much, now we must act, we must find a way to protect those who once gave us their allegiance, and if the United Nations and those who call themselves our allies are not willing to aid us in guaranteeing the fair treatment and empowerment of our people, then we must act. In the interests of the Republic, and for the lives of the Turkish people, now and those not yet born, we must act.

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Owen Butler
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Deborah Jacob
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Nimah Haider
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Aileen Vu & Bryan Armbruster
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