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Delegate Resource Workshops

HAMUN hosts two virtual Delegate Resource Workshops each conference to prepare students for the upcoming conference! These workshops are held via Zoom and more information will be posted here as it is released. 

Workshop 1
14 November 2023

Workshop 2
19 January 2024

Workshop One will focus on preparation, procedure, and policy including:

  • A review of Parliamentary Procedure

  • Position Papers and Background Guides!

  • Policy analysis

  • How to defend and break down ideas

  • How to control the tide of debate and committee opinion

  • Moderated Caucus strategies

Workshop Two will focus on leadership and group dynamics during conference, including:

  • Collaboration and Consensus-building 

  • Leadership styles in committee

  • How to build a bloc

  • How to manage a bloc

  • How to build a position of influence within your committee

  • Unmoderated Caucus strategies

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