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European Council of the European Union


About this Committee

The European Union is comprised of 27 individual member states. These 27 nations are intimately connected with each other- economically, socially and politically. They share a common market, and citizens of each of the 27 nations are represented through their elected Members of the European Parliament. This committee will simulate the Council of the European Union, which is part of the EU's executive branch. The council is comprised of the Head of State or leader of each of the EU member states and has the responsibility of defining the direction of the European Union. Most importantly to the issues being discussed this year, the Council is in charge of deciding EU foreign and defense policy. The council produces Conclusions that establish the direction member states would like the EU to move towards. They also outline areas of concern that the council would like the EU commision or EU parliament to address. Furthermore, the conclusions can set deadlines for reaching an agreement on a certain issue or for presenting legislative proposals - which allows the Council to influence the EU's legislature. All conclusions must be adopted unanimously.

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Specialized Chair
Hugo Gerbich Pais
Letter From Chair
Rohini Pillai
Vice Chair
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