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The EU Commission
Present Day Crisis Committee

About this Committee

The EU is facing its largest crisis, and the stability of this union is being threatened from within and by external forces. The large influx of refugees and asylum seekers fleeing to Europe has begun to set off a blooming migrant crisis, giving rise to a humanitarian issue right at the doorstep of the EU. On top of this, internal discontent, rise of right-wing populism, and separtist movements are also threatening to tear the EU apart. Now, it is time for the EU to act and preserve the unity of this institution, but it will not be an easy task. The Commission must draft legislation to address these crises and ensure their passage in the Council. Finally, conflicting ideologies and interests must be reconciled, or the EU as we know it could very well no longer be.                 

Jackie Cheng
Crisis Director

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Reha Kakkar
Crisis Chair
Isabella Reyes
Vice Chair
Andrew Xing
Luke Anderson
Crisis Staffer
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