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The Tragedy of the Indus River Valley
Historical Crisis Committee 1900 BCE

About this Committee

In the dawn of Civilization among the many societies that build themselves around the banks of a great river, The Indus River Valley— or Harappan— Civilization was on of the more mysterious civilizations simply due to the lack of understanding we have of what they left behind. Nestled between the Indus River and Sarasvati River, the Harappans have passed the peak and are in precerious position where the world around them slowly is at risk of ending. This crisis will explore a possible understanding of the Harappan way of life, through analyzing it through the lens fo historical fiction; due to the lack of concrete evidence on their culture, buisness, and governence, the crisis will be an allgemation of popular theories and some fictional glue to have concrete narative that binds the world together. You are members of a council that are heads representing their house— a occupational based social class— in order to discuss how to handle the many problems that are arising around the Harappan Society. These issues include: rumors of invaders from the west has some people anxious, farmers notticing the great Sarasvati weaken worry that food will become scarce, priests prophesying of a nature going wild with the wrath of the gods, and merchants complain about the state of the economy and presure to maintain the great cities. What will you do to save civilization? Or will it once again be forgotten, only for its remains to be found in centuries to come.

Joseph Babu
Crisis Director

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Toni Odufuye
Crisis Chair
America Salas
Vice Chair
Nathan Horton
Crisis Staffer
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