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6th Committee LEGAL

Enforcement of International Laws         
Political Asylum and Foreign Arrest Warrants        

About this Committee

The Sixth Committee of the United Nations, known as LEGAL, is tasked with the application and enforcement of international law and other legal matters pertaining to the United Nations. Established to fulfill the GA’s responsibility to encourage “the progressive development of international law and its codification” as specified in Article 13 of the UN charter, LEGAL has played a big role as one of the largest arbitrators of international law. One of LEGAL’s biggest achievements include 1961’s Vienna Convention on Diplomatic relations which established the basic laws governing international diplomacy. With the various different bodies of the UN drafting different regulations and jobs, it is up to the LEGAL committee to aid with the enforcement and implementation of those acts.

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Standard Chair
Bobby Youstra
Letter From Chair
Vice Chair
Rebecca Ji
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