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6th Committee LEGAL

Legal Status of Taiwan          
Diplomatic Immunity        

About this Committee

In this year’s LEGAL committee topic A, we will be delibrating on the legal status of the Islands on the Taiwan Strait. The legal status of Taiwan as a state continues to be a point of substantial conflict between the largely self-governing island and it’s mainland neighbor. The current status quo of having a informally recognized ROC (Republic of China) by most of the international community while maintaining relations with the PRC (People’s Republic of China) in the mainland has only gotten more and more tenuous as the PRC’s influence has grown on the international stage. In this committee, it is imperative that we decide whether to treat the ROC as a fully independent state worthy of admittance to the UN, an inseperable part of the PRC, or to maintain the current status quo. The choice, delegates, is yours. For topic B, we will be discussing the present state of diplomatic immunity. Established by the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, diplomatic immunity entitles country diplomats to not be sued or prosecuted under a given foreign country’s laws. While many diplomats are somewhat held accountable for some crimes within their country’s rules on their behavior back at home, diplomatic immunity has still been used in many incidents as a blanket shield from prosecution. This raises several questions: When should diplomatic immunity shield someone from prosecution? How can we reform diplomatic immunity or should we even reform it? When does it become necessary to revoke diplomatic immunity, if ever? This is all up for you to decide, delegates.

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Bobby Youstra
Standard Chair
Rida Qazi
Vice Chair
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