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Palestine and the Al-Quds Affair
Science and Technology (including Environment, Health and Higher Education)

About this Committee

"And hold fast to the rope of God, all of you together, and do not be divided; (Quran, 3:103)."

War. Famine. Disease. Poverty. Persecution. Millions of Muslims across the globe are afflicted with these and many more hardships. Muslim leaders recognized the need to band together and, on September 25th, 1969, established the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). Since its founding, the OIC has grown from 30 to 57 states, cementing itself as the largest international body after the UN.


The OIC tackles various issues, from mediating conflicts to preserving culture. This year, delegates will address two situations: the Palestine and the al-Quds Affair, and the improvement of Science and Technology in member states.


The Palestine and al-Quds affair is a central issue for the OIC. In fact, it was the Palestinian-Israeli conflict that led to the OIC’s establishment. Following the illegal occupation of Palestine since 1967, the rights of many have been trampled upon. Your job is to create a viable solution to restore Jerusalem's peace and give the Muslim community what's rightfully theirs. Whether this is accomplished through financial means, boycotts, media support, or flat-out war is in your hands.


The OIC recognizes the importance of scientific advancements and applications in today's society. Technology provides many socio-economic benefits, from longer lifespans to more jobs. As such, the OIC established the Department of Science and Technology, including Environment, Health, and Higher Education. Your job is to present how your country meets embodies this vision and what your country can do to help advance humankind."            

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Musa Fareed
Specialized Chair
Jonathan Gaucin
Vice Chair
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