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GA Plenary

Standard Committee
Topics Decided at Conference

About this Committee

 The first meeting of the General Assembly Plenary was held in January of 1946, just shortly after the end of World War II. Its main purpose was and is still to be able to discuss multifaceted issues. For example, in the first GA Plenary session they covered topics ranging from refugees to genocide to discrimination to budget and even to a world shortage of cereals. The General Assembly is also responsible for appointing the Secretary General, selecting non-permanent members of the Security Council (ten different countries selected every two years to serve alongside the five permanent members [China, Russian Federation, France, United States, and United Kingdom]), approving the United Nation’s budget. Luckily for all of you, you are only responsible for submitting position papers, discussing/debating the different issues at the conference, and forming resolution papers. While HAMUN is a shortened version of an actual UN conference, it still allows for you to obtain valuable knowledge and insight into how actual UN conferences are run. Notably, one of the most distinct things about the General Assembly Plenary is that our topic has always been and is still “open agenda.” This means that you can write about whatever issues you like. However, I would like to give you at least some guidance, so I would recommend researching what current issues your country is facing, what world events are currently happening, and how you think that your particular country would handle these issues and/or conflicts. Again, I wish you all the best of luck and cannot wait for an amazing HAMUN 48!      

Jordan Stanley
Letter from Chair

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Vice Chair
Arwa Alibhai
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