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Press Corps

International Protections for Whistleblowers and Journalists

About this Committee

Journalism is the bedrock of democracy. Without a free press, corruption and political duplicity would run rampant. Unfortunately, the intensifying of conflicts across the globe has caused hostile relations between journalists and autocratic regimes and western republics alike. Recent eruptions of violence in Ukraine and Israel has caused the deaths of dozens of journalists and the perpetrators continue to roam free. Chief among those targeted are whistleblowers like Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning who have been forced to leave in exile or jailed for their exposes of government secrets. Although the United Nations has verbally supported many whistleblower actions, they have thus far been unwilling to grant legal immunity to such individuals. Safeguarding whistleblowers has also become a diplomatically contentious issue and extradition laws are being exploited to punish those willing to criticize political elites. In addition to government unscrupulousness, the United Nations itself has faced accusations of harassing employees for reporting workplace abuses. No institution, no matter how mighty, is infallible. Without concrete deterrents, it is clear that the very fabric of journalism is being jeopardized. It is your goal is to reckon with creating a framework to protect whistleblowers from domestic retaliation as well as implementing a legal recourse for affected individuals.

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Eshal Warsi
Specialized Chair
Kate Whyte
Vice Chair
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