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Press Corps

About this Committee

Press Corps is a committee where delegates represent news agencies instead of countries. At Press Corps, we are committed to transparency in every committee and holding delegates accountable for their resolutions and alliances. This is an unconventional committee because we don’t have formal topics. Instead of giving speeches about their “country” stances on a particular topic, Press Corps journalists go to other committees and report on what the specific committee is discussing. They will investigate committee debates, conduct interviews, edit articles, and cover press conferences. Press Corps journalists will not just be passive bystanders in the committees. Journalists in the real world can change the course of history, and Press Corps journalists have the power to make a tangible impact. They will learn how to manage time, tackle situations that work against their favor, and, more importantly, learn how to be true to their newsagency.

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Eshal Warsi
Specialized Chair
Letter from chair
Faiza Murtaza
Vice Chair
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