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Register Here!

We are thrilled to be preparing for this year’s HAMUN conference at the University of Houston on February 1-2, 2024. We have detailed some key steps and important notes in order to ensure that the registration process goes smoothly. We truly appreciate each and everyone’s dedication and we look forward to working with you all this year. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to me at

  • Please fill out this form by September 20th to secure your school’s place at our Country Selection Meeting, held via Zoom on September 23rd

    • Each school will be able to select spaces for their delegates at this meeting time. Details and further information will be sent out once you have completed the form. 

  • Prior to the Country Selection Meeting please consult the Country Selection Matrix, found here to see what committee opportunities we have to offer.

  • Following Country Selection, each sponsor will receive an editable Google Sheet, similar to this

    • This sheet will be organized with a thick line indicating which spaces must be filled first. By dividing the registration sheet like this, it is our hope that we can have the most evenly distributed committees as possible in order to enhance the experience for each individual delegate. 

  • Sponsors will be able to edit and adjust their registration until January 9th. Following that, each sponsor will receive an invoice, similar to this, which will be due before the start of the conference. 

Finally, enjoy the Conference! We can’t wait to see everyone at this year’s in-person event.

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