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The Organization for African Unity

About this Committee

In 1962, against the backdrop of a continent undergoing rapid political transformation and decolonization, African leaders convened to establish the Organization of African Unity (OAU). The year marks a critical juncture in the continent's history, with many nations having recently gained independence, while others are still engaged in anti-colonial struggles.  Delegates will craft a foundational charter for the OAU that addresses the multifaceted challenges facing the African nations.
Delegates will delve into the complexities of fostering unity among diverse nations with varied historical experiences, languages, and cultures. The committee will grapple with issues related to post-colonial nation-building, regional cooperation, economic development, and the promotion of peace and stability. Additionally, delegates will need to navigate the delicate balance between respecting national sovereignty and fostering continental unity, taking into account the different political ideologies and governance systems prevalent at the time.
The crisis at hand involves managing the tensions arising from conflicting national interests, addressing regional disputes, and responding to external pressures from the Cold War dynamics. Delegates will be tasked with developing innovative solutions to promote cooperation, prevent conflicts, and advance the common interests of the African nations.
Delegates have the opportunity to shape this pivotal moment in African history. The success of the OAU will depend on the diplomatic skill, historical insight, and strategic thinking of the delegates. Get ready to guide them through a dynamic and challenging crisis simulation that will shape the course of African unity and regional stability in the years to come.


Topic Abstract

Crisis Director
Michelle Oyoo Abiero

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Crisis Chair
Rohan Palavali
Vice Chair
Crisis Staffer
Kai Cowin
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