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Tiananmen Square Incident: Chinese Response

TSI: The Western Response

About this Committee

The Tiananmen Square protests and subsequent massacre that occurred in the spring of 1989 were tragic events, and how the rest of the world chose to respond shaped their relations with China for the next subsequent years. The response that the June Fourth Incident solicited from many Western nations around the world is still one that has a lasting impact today, which makes the choices made by the delegates in this committee all the more important. The goal of this committee is to initiate immediate action and responses from delegates on behalf of their respective countries, keeping in mind past relationships with China and the movements of their counterparts throughout the rest of the world. This committee will begin right at the June Fourth Incidents, meaning delegates will be put into the climax of the issue and must begin to figure out next steps and resolutions from there. This committee specifically will witness and address the international backlash from the West, while continuing to disperse remaining acts of protest and enforce order across the nation. Following the June 4th incident, the western nations were very outspoken to the actions seen in China; the United States, alongside several other nations, began to impose embargos, create sanctions, and collectively remove aid from China. Additionally, people within China began to take arms in protest against the recent government action. Throughout the committee, members will be charged in balancing the scales and fighting successfully in a two-front war.

Topic Abstract

Crisis Director
Zarek Merchant
Letter from the CD

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Crisis Chair
Tyler Butkhardt
Vice Chair
Crisis Staffer
Hong Lin Tsai & Maya Palavali
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