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Defending NATO countries from cyberattacks
NATO's expansion into Asia

About this Committee

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, also known as NATO, is an intergovernmental alliance that was formed after World War II for independent member states to defend each other against attacks by third parties. Currently there are 28 European and 2 North American states that are a part of this organization. The committee typically focuses on security matters of common interests, global terrorism, and piracy matters that affect countries in the network. For Topic A, delegates will be discussing about the recent cyberattacks taken on several NATO countries, like Montenegro, Estonia, and Finland, and the next steps they would like to take towards preventing further attacks on ally countries. For Topic B, delegates will be debating upon whether NATO should expand itself into Asia, including new countries like China. It is crucial for current political commentary on nuclear attacks and staged referendums to be further evaluated, and highly encouraged for both topics to be debated in conjunction with each other to develop strong resolutions.

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Hamsini Ajjan
Specialized Chair
Adnan Lateef
Vice Chair
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