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Access to space technologies
Green infrastructure and technologies

About this Committee

The CSTD plays an important role in ensuring the effective creation, implementation, and distribution of innovative applications. This is especially relevant in the space industry and among environmental issues.

As the years have progressed from the start of space exploration guided by large governmental organizations, there is now a shift in the space industry towards more and more commercial spaceflight endeavors. As this industry shift occurs, the economic opportunities of space exploration will likely increase as well. Historically, economically disadvantaged states have not had as much of a presence in the space field; with the importance of space growing, it is important to ensure that all countries are able to become players in the industry without lagging behind. As delegates, consider exploring and developing policy solutions to better equip countries to more fully engage in the space field, whether that means increasing knowledge sharing between existing space agencies and smaller countries or creating opportunities for local space companies to manufacture their own technologies.

While humankind’s exploration beyond this planet is important to understand, the wellbeing of Earth itself must not be neglected. With the increased concerns regarding negative human impacts on the environment, it is crucial that all countries have access to green (i.e. environmentally friendly) technologies. By developing policy solutions that encourage the growth of more sustainable technologies in all countries as well as ensuring that plans for a transition to more environmentally-friendly infrastructure succeed, delegates will be able to face the environmental issues of this age.

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Nathanael Mathew
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