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The EU Council
Present Day Crisis Committee

About this Committee

The year is 2015 and a record number of refugees and asylum seekers are flocking to Europe through land and sea, the largest since World War II. The press is awash with stories of drowned and sunk boats, exploited children in refugee camps, and general discontent among Europeans of their government’s handling of the crisis. This crisis will convene a meeting between select EU heads of state who must outline a unified plan to address the humanitarian issue, including but not limited to: migrant assimilation, reform to asylum laws, deterrent of smugglers, international aid to migrant originating states, and addressing both border security and safe boat operations. You as a head of state must think about your duties to your nation and constituents, your duty and obligations to the EU at large, and to the millions of refugees seeking asylum. In addition, broader issues will include immigrant and nonimmigrant tension, the rise of populism, national referendums and separatist movements, etc. Will the EU survive these crises? Or will old and new issues and differences disintegrate this union of European states?

Grace Baldwin
Crisis Director

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Sara Davidson
Crisis Chair
Prisha Dalal
Vice Chair
Margo Peterson
Crisis Staffer
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