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Standard Committees

Since 1975, standard committees (also called GA, or General Assembly, committees) have been at the heart of HAMUN and have been where many of our delegates first become engaged in the exciting world of Model United Nations. Standard committees are academic simulations of real-life committees at the United Nations, where delegates get to represent ambassadors from countries around the world and come together to form solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues. While in committee, delegates are tasked with staying true to the policies and perspectives of the country they represent, understanding their country’s history on the given topic, and pushing for the solutions their country stands for. Standard committees are the largest committees at HAMUN, with most ranging from 85 to 110 spots available, meaning that it is a great opportunity to take on the challenge of winning over a large room or for a first-time delegate to watch veteran delegates at work while learning the ropes. Scroll to see more!

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