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Security Council

International Action on the Ukraine Situation 
Stabilizing Lebanon in an Effort to Avoid Regional Conflict       

About this Committee

On February 24, 2022, Russian forces invaded Ukraine amid months of mounting fears within the international community. Since the invasion, 7 million people have been displaced, with millions more having to readjust to life amid war. The invasion has stoked nuclear fears as Russian forces captured Chernobyl and concern over the European oil and gas supply continues to grow. Needless to say, this conflict is seeping into countries, conflicts, and issues far removed from it. This year, Topic A focuses on international, collective action that can be taken to move towards resolving the situation in Ukraine and ensuring a lasting peace. Topic B focuses on stabilizing Lebanon in an effort to avoid broader regional conflict as tensions continue to mount within the region and Lebanon remains in the throes of multiple domestic crises. At risk is the stability of the region as frustrations mount within the country and the government finds itself unable to conduct basic duties, ensure its sovereignty, and weed out terrorist operations.            

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Christina Boufarah
Standard Chair
Vedanth Srinidhi
Vice Chair
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