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The status of Taiwan                    
Regulating the distribution of land in the poles for territorial claim between countries

About this Committee

The Special, Political, and Decolonization Committee, also known as the UN General Assembly Fourth Commitee, is one of the six primary subdivisions of the UNGA. Established in 1993, this committee is responsible for tackling today’s most significant geopolitical issues such as decolonization, general international security, and even security in outer space. With disputes over natural resources slowly becoming commonplace throughout the world, the role of SPECPOL as a mediator is steadily increasing, with the need for innovative solutions growing with it.

In conclusion, the Fourth Committee requires the global community to reassemble and tackle this new wave of conflicts that daunts us, in order to fulfill the UN’s goal of striving to make the world a better place.            

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Standard Chair
Caroline Hsu
Letter from chair
Vice Chair
Maximillian Knyazev-Julinski
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