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International Water Crisis            
Prevention Of Ozone Depletion            

About this Committee

This year's topic A is about the International Water Crisis. Water as we know it is essential to our existence, but due to events such as Industrial Revolution our water resources have been polluted. Today over 1 billion people worldwide lack access to safe water, and around 3.42 billion people in the world live in isolated rural places due to the lack of clean water around them, they have to spend hours every day walking in order to be able to collect water for their families. We as a committee will be tasked with finding a way to make sure there is clean water for their country and every community so that the citizens can have a proper education, a job, and good health. This year Topic B is about the Prevention of Ozone Depletion. The ozone layer is a region of high ozone concentration in the earth's stratosphere. The ozone layer protects the world from harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Longer-term exposure to this radiation threatens human health and damages plants and microbes and hurts animals. Since the 1980s scientists have observed a thinning in the ozone layer, starting in Antarctica, and over time other continents have experienced thinning as well. We as a committee need to figure out a solution to protect the ozone layer no matter what resources we must pull.            

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Annie George
Standard Chair
Yumn Qazi
Vice Chair
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