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HAMUN is held at the University of Houston (UH) Student Center South

All information regarding venue and parking logistics will be posted here (please scroll to see more information!). If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email our USG of Registration at

Not sure where you are? Can't find the UH Student Center or the Cullen Center?

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Looking to grab a quick bite to eat during lunch or dinner break?

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Not sure where to drop off student? Need to park your bus or car? 

Garage Parking at UH

Delegates may choose to drive to the conference and park at one of the visitor parking spots available on the University of Houston campus – however, the University of Houston holds no liability for delegates that drive to conference. Delegates will pay University of Houston’s established visitor parking fees. Available parking spots can be found at the following

The parking garage closest to the Student Center South and the Cullen Performance Hall is the Welcome Center Parking Garage, located at 4348 Martin Luther King Blvd. Parking charges are listed here

Bus Parking at UH

● Buses may drop students off at the entrance of the Cullen Performance Hall, demarcated as “Student Drop-off” on the map on the following page.

● From there, buses will follow the big arrows to approach the bus parking lot.

● Sponsors that travel with the bus to the bus parking lot (located at the UH Technology Bridge) may use the shuttle from Building 1 of the Technology Bridge to travel directly to the Student Center South.

For information on current whereabouts of the shuttle,
please visit courgarline

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