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Safeguarding Nuclear Power Plants from War and Terror Uses           
Global Security and Preparedness Regarding Climate Refugees                    

About this Committee

The Disarmament and International Security Committee is the First Committee of the UN General Assembly. Created in 1945, its role in promoting global security is one of the premier focuses of the UN. Over the last century, there have been enormous technological advances across every realm. With the development of weapons of mass destruction, the stakes of war and violence have skyrocketed, posing unimaginable consequences. Meanwhile, the destructive impacts of technology on the environment have come to a head with the climate crisis, threatening massive global instability and insecurity in the coming decades. As such, DISEC’s mission to promote cooperation in the realms of disarmament, demilitarization, and global security is crucial as ever. This year, Topic A deals with the vulnerability of nuclear power plants to war and terror uses. Nuclear energy has offered nations clean and efficient power during a time in which the need to abandon fossil fuels has become urgently evident. At the same time, nuclear plants have the dangerous potential to become radiological weapons of mass destruction, a risk that became especially relevant this year with Russia’s shelling of Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia plant and its seizing of Chernobyl. Nations must strategize to protect nuclear plants around the world from the unpredictable tides of geopolitical conflict, both in the present and down the line. Topic B deals with global security and preparedness regarding climate refugees. In the coming decades, climate shifts and natural disasters associated with global warming are anticipated to cause mass displacement of people around the world. Such displacement poses an inevitable threat to international security and stability. It is pertinent that countries plan in advance on how to provide and care for climate refugees, while also maintaining border integrity and territorial peace.

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Grace Yetter
Standard Chair
Madison Lindsey
Vice Chair
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